Two double bedrooms with different concepts but each with great views offer enough space for four people.

The south-facing bedroom offers direct access to the roof terrace and a west-facing view towards the Ortler Group. Special emphasis was placed on the details, such as a floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe, a spacious wooden double bed with all electrical connections directly on the bed and an extendable TV lift with 48″ Smart TV at the end of the bed. Warm colors round off the room and carry it contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

The north-facing bedroom is designed a little differently. There is also a view to the west in the direction of the Ortler Group, but the view through a large skylight of the nearby Texel Group and the Partschinser waterfall is also interesting. A bed extension was created from design decor elements, which also serves as a shelf and accommodates all electrical connections. The double bed fits particularly harmoniously into the room. Here, too, there is a room-high built-in wardrobe, as well as a 50″ Smart TV and a small storage niche.

All beds in both bedrooms are equipped with high-quality 7-zone cold foam mattresses. The duvets and pillows are all suitable for allergy sufferers.

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