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Holidays in Italy, mountains, water, nature, mediterranean climate, delicious cuisine and excellent wines. We combine all of this with a stay in South Tyrol. We have been coming here for 20 years and so the Burggrafenamt in particular with its center in Meran has become a second home for us.

A holiday home in this beautiful area has become a dream over the years. However, we quickly realized that the search for a suitable apartment is not such an easy task. In South Tyrol, for example, there is what is known as conventional housing construction. Housing with this condition may only be used by people who have been resident in South Tyrol for at least 5 years. This is to stop the flood of foreign investors.

Interesting objects were offered to us again and again. With the condition of the convention, however, these apartments were out of the question for us. It would only have been possible to rent it out to locals on a permanent basis, but not use it as a holiday home.

In order to make our dream come true, we needed to find an apartment that was exempt from convention and met the following criteria:

  • enough space for up to 4 people
  • a spacious outdoor area
  • a central and at the same time a quiet location
  • panoramic view
  • new or like-new building fabric

Our future holiday home should therefore allow rest and relaxation in a dreamlike setting and at the same time offer all the opportunities for active recreation. By the way, we also want to rent the apartment to holiday guests. In this respect, the suitability for this is also a corresponding criterion.

We have appraised various properties over the last few months. Some of these were planned new construction projects, some were already completed new buildings and some were refurbished existing properties.

For each of the objects there was at least one reason that kept us from buying it. Sometimes it was the railway line in the immediate vicinity of the apartment, sometimes the unattractive location of the apartment and sometimes the simply excessive purchase price.

We have almost resigned ourselves to not being able to find a suitable apartment. In February 2022, we discovered the new building project “Residence St. Helena” during a hike through the spring-like Partschins and the surrounding apple orchards. The unique location in the midst of green nature fascinated us immediately. And even on closer inspection, all of our criteria were met. So we decided to buy the attic apartment within this project.

By the end of 2022, our penthouse St. Helena will be built, which we will also rent to holiday guests in Meran and vicinity from Easter 2023.

Further down in the article you will find a first small tour of the shell, which we made directly after the notary appointment in March 2022. At this point in time, the floor slab was just finished and the outer walls of the attic were being shuttered. Although the weather was rather cloudy and cool that day, you can already see very well what great views the penthouse will one day offer.

With this and the following articles we would like to invite you to experience the development of the Penthouse St.Helena up close.

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Bye for now

Your family Störzinger


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